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Alt-Art: NSFT Red Stickers

Alt-Art: NSFT Red Stickers

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Introducing Alt-Art! The revolutionary TCG (Trading Card Game) Tournament Legal Removable Deck Box Stickers.

Alt-Art stickers are meant to be used in all official tournament settings just as well as recreational! Alt-Art stickers can be used to cover up some of your most spiciest interior deck box arts or simply provide your deck box with an alternative art design. In either fashion Alt-Art stickers are for you!

Size: 2x 6.38 x 4.06in, 1x 6.38x3.5in


  • Universal sizing for all major full size deck boxes (i.e. Spicy Hot Games, Gemtech, TSX1, etc.)
  • 3 Labeled removable stickers for each panel of the deck box
  • Can be applied and removed up to 20 times each*
  • Leaves no sticker residue on surface after each use*
  • Scratch resistant vinyl surfaces

 *Click here for disclaimer.

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